Security officer services

Our Security Officers are all SIA Licensed individuals and have a career in the Security Industry. We have a clear policy where we entice our Customers to be part of the recruitment process. To us it is vitally important that our Security Officers have a bond with our Customers to ensure that there is a cohesive working approach for both brands.

We have many recruiting methods that we work with from word of mouth to specialist agencies for our Ex-Military staff. Our favourite way is to get a good person specification from interviewing our Customers. We then recruit for staff with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the same environment as our Customers business. This ensures that our Security Officers can engage with your Customers and staff in the manner required for your sector. Our Security Officer takes pride in their appearance when working for GSRS. This is a requirement of ours to even get an interview to hopefully represent you as Customers and us as a Service Provider in today’s market. We always recommend long sleeve shirts for all. This helps with staff having personal body artwork.

Our uniform for our corporate customers requires a person to be able to wear a suit. Our uniform is available for all sexes and creates a real corporate experience for all from entry to your premises to exit. Please note that all our Uniform is discretely tax tabbed to meet HMRC legislation.

Our uniform comprises of the following for a Corporate environment:

For our non-Corporate Customers, we offer a more relaxed uniform for better meeting the Customers wishes. This comprises of the following depending on circumstances:

All Safety wear such as High visual safety items is supplied as part of our Health & Safety Risk Assessment outcomes.