Street Security Services & Rural Security

Pressures on local Police Services & budgets mean that street/rural patrols have been hugely scaled back over the years. Although in 2020 there has been a commitment from Her Majesty’s Government to increase Police Services by 20,000 more officers. This will take a good while for this to materialise. Then those officers will be assigned duties that are required by the nation. Nationally, a quarter of Policing has been scaled back, and Police stations, local counters & rural teams have been closed. Even where Police Service do area patrols, they are inconsistent purely due to expanse of areas and rarely effective in acting as a deterrent for criminals. We can change that on a local basis for all to benefit from.

We can support the Police by providing the local streets and rural communities with a constant and reassuring presence. As eyes and ears of the local area, our operatives can pick up useful intelligence for an investigation or – even better – deter crime from happening in the first place.

In a report Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary concluded that officers were taken away from neighbourhood prevention duties up to half the time. Sir Tom Winsor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary said, “The probabilities of a Police Officer actually walking past a burglary or incident in progress is pretty low.” That is why there is now an increasing demand for more regular and reliable Security measures.

We are not a replacement of our great National Police Service but one that can enhance the secure feeling back to an area. We work alongside the Police Services and act very much as a deterrent to criminal activities.
We can offer a round-the-clock community patrol service. We operate a mix of foot, dog and vehicle patrols in Customer areas. Our operatives are native or fluent English speakers and are former Police officers or sometimes armed forces veterans with further Security training. They are trained in community policing and each are equipped with wearable tech which includes Body Worn CCTV to record evidence. This is all managed by the latest legislation for GDPR.

Uniquely we engage with the community using information-sharing technology, approved by the Police, which builds a profile of suspects. We liaise carefully with the Police and combine resources where necessary to protect streets from criminal activity. While on patrol, our operatives undertake continuous engagement with the community which means that our patrols increasingly become intelligence led.

Our operatives drive vehicles with bright livery to also act as a deterrent. They are equipped with GPS tracking so that Customers can see our presence and monitor our movements in an area. They have communications equipment so that they can respond quickly to alarms and calls from residents. They carry out regular and focused patrols led by local intelligence.

This service is very much adaptable to high end retail areas such as those where designer brands have outlets to a typical farming community in any town. We provide this unique service for you to carry on with your daily business.